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Thoughts in the early hours...

Well so far 2016 has already tested our team in many ways and it is still only February. The most significant challenge has been the heart-breaking news that one of our colleagues has cancer, it is a particularly aggressive cancer and there is nothing more that can be done to prolong life. Jane is my business support and my right hand, she is such an asset to the charity that her loss will cut deeply.

Team FACES is like an extended family in its own right, the impact of this news has changed the dynamics, we are all feeling very sad indeed. As a manager, this has come with new challenges, balancing business as usual with a key member of staff missing whilst ensuring the team get the time they need to express their feelings. We know that we must maintain quality and most importantly that we safeguard the children for whom we have a duty of care, all of which cannot be compromised.

Whilst writing this blog (in the early hours of Sunday morning), I was reminded of our team day, the day we created FACES mission, vision and values. Our values are particularly poignant at this time. The message that came through so strong on that day was how much we care about what we do and how much we care about each other.

Our values:

  • We CARE about people

  • We BELIEVE we can create positive outcomes

  • We are all EQUALS and have something to offer

  • We SUPPORT each other

  • We ENJOY coming to work and making a difference

FACES are stronger than ever, we are financially stable, more sustainable, and more able to demonstrate our impact and social value.

In 2016/17 we will be launching exciting new ground breaking projects which will reach many more families and their children in our local communities.

FACES will soon be 3 years old and I am without doubt that our resilience will get us through and our passion will continue to drive us but we have and always will have a special place in our hearts for 'our Jane'.

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