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Three years of impressive and solid work

As we launch our 2015/16 report for this year, we are able to celebrate three years of impressive and solid work as FACES Bedford. 2015/16 has been the second year of our three year strategic business plan and as you will see throughout this report, progress has been steady, and our aims and objectives have been consistently met through innovative thinking and working across the FACES team.

New services have been launched where we identified gaps in key areas of provision; we have a professional partnership with Bedford Borough Council, and have embraced the Bedford Borough Early Help Strategy, ensuring that excellent working practice has developed throughout the partnership. We are also working hard towards a consortium, with other local charitable organisations, which will support children’s centres in Bedford Borough, and reach more families and children.

Sustainable funding is a challenge for all charities, and we are pleased that we have been able to gain the trust and backing of several funders. Our relationships with external grant funders have consolidated 3 and 5 year funds, and our continuing excellence in quality through ISO 9001 is a key indicator of the exceptional standards to which we adhere.

Across Bedfordshire we have made excellent relationships with several business organisations, and the Bedfordshire Police Commissioner’s team. We place a high regard on these relationships and funding opportunities that are from our own community, and are working collaboratively to help whole families and build capacity for their growth and future.

All this work, action and progress are only possible because we have an incredibly dedicated, professional CEO and staff team, who consistently go the extra mile. Working in partnerships with our exceptional volunteer force who take their training and relationships with families to new levels, and Trustees for whom this is not just a tick on a CV, makes for a charity that will continue to grow and develop, to take on new challenges in the field of family and child support, and to continue on track to be a charity that leads and innovates.

Thank you for supporting us and working with us.

Eve Burt

Chair of the Board of Trustees

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