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Behind bars for the last 6 years.

Yes it is true, I have been behind bars for the last 6 years. For those of you who have ever been in my office you will probably agree that it has not been a very creative space in which to work as it has bars at a small window letting in very little natural daylight.

Now that being said, our little offices on Queens Drive have been kind to us. This is where FACES was born, where we completed our first successful tender, where we shed tears as we were so exhausted with the whole process. Where we have won three awards for our Services and for Business Excellence, one of them a national award and where we supported 770 children last year.

We have grown and become a very well respected and well-known local and independent family support charity and I could literally burst with pride for our dedicated team of staff, trustees and volunteers and for the life changing outcomes that we help our families achieve.

So today, we are packing as on Monday we will be moving to a newly refurbished office suite in the Church Lane Community Centre. We are all really looking forward to some extra space – I am looking forward to being in an office without bars and with natural daylight!

'Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end'


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