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Donation Boxes

Donate items

Urgently needed items

We are currently very low on the following items:

  • Nappies - all sizes

  • Sterilisers

  • Moses baskets

  • Bedding for moses baskets

  • Milk

Please do get in touch with us if you are able to donate any of these items.

Acerca de

We are very grateful for donations that are in good condition and that we can pass on to people in need. We cannot accept items that we know we will not be able to use.  

To minimise disposal costs to our charity, those items we cannot accept will need to be taken away with you to donate to a charity shop or to take to the recycle centre. 

Due to health and safety regulations, there are some items we are not allowed to accept. The table below will show you what we can and cannot accept.


If you are unsure if your item is suitable, please contact us to check so that we can avoid any unnecessary expenses for the charity in disposing of unusable items. We are only able to accept donations via appointment and can only accept the items listed below.   


Please follow the below link to book an appointment to donate your items to us.    

Clothing & Shoes 

(must be in excellent condition without holes or stains)

Yes please!

  • clothes

  • shoes

  • unbranded school uniform

  • hand knitted items

No thank you, we cannot accept the following:

  • underwear or socks unless brand new with labels or in packets.

Toiletries & Food 

(must be unopened and in date)

Yes please!

  • toiletries suitable for babies and children

  • toiletries suitable for mums - maternity towels, breast pads, shampoo, body wash, tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant 

  • Sealed packs of nappies in all sizes 

  • Baby wipes 

  • Baby formula - we are unable to accept prescription formula 

  • Pre-made baby food

Small and Large Equipment 

(Items need to be in full working order with all parts present, clean and free from stains) 

Yes please!​

  • Stairgates 

  • Child feeding equipment - plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, bibs, freezer tubs, breast feeding equipment, baby bottles 

  • Metal/plastic high chairs - harness needs to be in working order 

  • Baby bouncer chairs 

  • Baby baths 

  • Changing mats 

  • Changing bags 

  • Water steriliser 

  • Play mats/ play gyms 

  • Towels - suitable for adults, babies and children 

  • Blankets - suitable for babies and children 

  • Bedding - all sizes; sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases

  • Cots, cot beds and moses baskets 

No thank you, we cannot accept the following:

  • Any toys or books - we are currently holding a large number of these

  • Electric or microwave sterilisers 

  • Wooden highchairs / Bumbos / booster seat for table 

  • Changing stations / baby bath stands 

  • Mattresses, unless they are new in sealed packaging 

  • Bottle warmers / nappy bins / cot bumpers 

  • Teddies  

Prams, Pushchairs and Strollers

Yes please!​

  • These must be no older than 8 years old, with working brakes and swivel wheels that work (if they are meant to).

  • They must fold and open easily and have a complete harness in working order.

  • The carrycot base must be complete and not cracked (if applicable) and the items must be free from mildew and mould. 

No thank you, we cannot accept the following:

  • car seats

  • infant carriers

  • isofix bases

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