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information for professionals 

Any professional can refer to FACES, our services are confidential and free of charge. Professionals making a referral need to obtain consent from the parent, although please note that parents can self-refer.

We have several different services each with their own criteria. Some families may access more than one service such as family home visiting support and crisis aid. We also provide some services on a spot purchasing arrangement such as Protective Behaviours for parents and PAFT (parents as first teachers) support. 

For spot purchasing prices please call us on 01234 270601 to discuss your needs.  


Referral forms can be emailed to or posted to FACES, Church Lane Community Centre, 147 Church Lane, Bedford, MK41 0PW.


We do recommend that you call us before completing the referral form so that we can give you some idea of capacity.


The number to call is 01234 270601.

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