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Day Care

Cherry Pies

A weekly support group run at Cherry Trees Children's Centre. This is an  Early Childhood Partnership (ECP) group which is facilitated by FACES.

Curious Girl

Little Acorns

A weekly support group run at Kingsbrook Children's Centre. This is an  Early Childhood Partnership (ECP) group which is facilitated by FACES.

Mother and Baby Exercising

Robins Nest

A weekly support group run at Pine Cones Children's Centre for those families who may find accessing community groups challenging. This is a referral only group as we want to ensure that children most in need have access.

Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow


A weekly group for parents with multiples to get together. A high level of volunteer support provides a much needed extra pair of hands. This group runs on Friday mornings at Kingsbrook Children's Centre

Happy Girl with Dad

Dad & Me

A group for dads and their children which runs in Sharnbrook once a month. Dads can enjoy getting to know each other. Children can enjoy the different themed activities that are provided one of our Practitioner's and our volunteers.  

School Children

Friendly FACES

An informal, monthly group for victims of Domestic Violence 

spectrum support

FACES parent to parent Autism and ADHD support group.

The aim of the group is to offer advice and support for parents/carers, as well as signposting to other relevant services. We want to empower and instil confidence in parents/carers in order to help them understand how the diagnosis affects their children so that they are better able to advocate for them, as well as helping them to navigate their way through all of the ‘professional jargon’!!

Children are welcome, however, we would like to politely remind parents that they are their responsibility.

During some sessions, we will have guest speakers in to discuss various topics pertaining to different aspects of your child’s diagnosis.

Why not come along and be around like minded people facing similar challenges, and share your knowledge, experiences, hopes and fears in a confidential, non-judgemental environment?

We look forward to seeing you.

*Light refreshments are provided.

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